Snowdens Leaks Are Guidebook For Terrorists

Snowdens Leaks Are Guidebook For Terrorists

The ripple effects of Snowden leaks continue. The impact of the information leaked has already done irreparable damage to the whole world and continue to take its toll. Now, the terrorist groups are abandoning their old communication methods because of what was revealed in the Snowden leaks. People are referring to NSA leaks as a guidebook for terrorist.

Terrorists worldwide have begun abandoning traditional communication methods after Snowden’s NSA leaks gave them “full sight” of how spy agencies operate and how they track terrorist activity. This is an official statement by the senior Home Office for counter-terrorism. Stephen Phipson, a director in the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT), warns that there has been less and less activity in the traditional communication methods that CIA had insight into. The former CIA contractor, Edward Snowden, exposed these details to the world, not only endangering the world population but also hindering any future attempts to fight terrorism.

Stephen Phipson said the “Snowden effect” made it much harder to track terrorists’ activity because many are now changing their methods and readapting to new ones.

According to The Telegraph, Mr. Phipson said: “The leaks we have seen in the press have made the work of the OSCT, intelligence agencies and other apparatus of Government much, much, much more difficult.

“Our adversaries, the terrorists, what they now have is full sight of the sorts of tools and range of techniques that are being used by Government.

“I can tell you the data shows a substantial reduction in the use of those methods of communication as a result of the Snowden leaks.

“That makes it much more difficult to track the activities of terrorists. The Snowden effect has been a very, very severe on.”
He warned later that a “natural consequence” of the tracking methods exposed by Mr Snowden was for terrorists to start using other techniques meaning agencies and Government had to be “more agile”.

“There is no doubt it has been very damaging,” he added.

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