Michigan Masonic Lodge Hosts Drug-Fueled Sex Party

Michigan Masonic Lodge Hosts Drug-Fueled Sex Party

In Michigan, a local Masonic lodge became a haven for drugs and sex, according to police. Who would’ve imagined that one would find these activities so prominent public? Police broke up ‘drug-fueled orgy’ after finding women dancing naked on stage and men filming sex acts. The details about this event immediately echoed in the local newspaper headlines.

News Hour 24 reports on the happening. Police officers received calls summoning them to the Masonic Lodge in Battle Creek, Michigan, at 2:15 a.m. on Sunday. They were called to the prominent building in downtown Battle Creek which sits across a park from police headquarters.

What police found shocked them: five naked women prancing about on stage, a couple having sex, and several incipient filmmakers with cameras on the action. According to WWMT-TV, the Masonic Lodge has seen this sort of activity before, although the Battle Creek Freemasons deny that they have any involvement. The happening in question didn’t leave much to people’s imagination. The news about the orgy quickly spread. The Masonic group blamed the activities on a party promoter who paid $900 for the night.

‘Charlie’ a Freemason spokesman, said the man renting the lodge told the Freemasons he would be hosting a dance party. The Freemasons said they checked on the party about 1 a.m. on Sunday and found nothing suspicious. A man known to the public only as “Charlie” told Newshchannel 3 that an identified group had rented the Masonic Temple for a dancing party and that they are the ones to blame for this event.

The Masonic Lodge has suspended all future rental parties.