Why More People Choose Chiropractic Care Over Drugs and Surgery

Why More People Choose Chiropractic Care Over Drugs and Surgery

Conventional medicine is built on treating illnesses with two tools and only two tools: drugs and surgery. But back pain isn’t all just nails to be hammered and screws to be driven. Chiropractic care center establishments have reported a growth in the number of patients. Why is that so? Back pain can be caused by multiple factors, and each cause can require a different kind of treatment. Would it make sense to fix everything with only two tools even though that the problem may require other tools? Would it be better to patch the road or fix it at its root?

For example, if drugs are used to treat a spinal misalignment, will that correct that misalignment that is causing the pain? Or will that just temporary inhibit the pain without treating the cause? Ultimately, medications are there to just block the pain, and although this eases the anguish associated with back pain, it does not restore the functional biomechanics. Even worse, while prescription drugs can be effective at treating pain, in most cases they can’t do anything to fix the underlying problem causing that pain. This means that if you want that pain to stay away, you have to keep taking those drugs until the cause of the pain somehow fixes itself. That’s a life sentence of sky-high medical bills and side effects!

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Pain is a sign that something is seriously wrong with the body, and blocking that mechanism will only cause more damage in the long run. Wouldn’t it be better to treat the underlying problem and restore its proper function?

And surgery, while generally more effective at treating the root cause of a problem, can be even more dangerous. Iatrogenic disease – illnesses caused by doctors – is currently the number three cause of death for Americans, behind only cancer and heart disease. Every time a patient goes under the knife, no matter how necessary, they are taking their life in their hands. Again, there are certain conditions where surgery is the best option, but why put up with the risks of surgery when there are alternative treatments that can deal with a problem before it gets bad enough for surgery to be the only option?

In short, when it comes to back pain, conventional medicine comes at the problem with nothing but that hammer and screw driver, and whatever the cause of the pain may be, those are the tools you get. Given the alternative, wouldn’t you rather be treated by someone with a complete toolbox, a medical practitioner who approaches each problem by its own standards instead of using the same approach to every malady?

Considering how inadequate the drugs-and-surgery method is at effectively treating back pain, is it any surprise that millions of Americans are visiting their chosen chiropractic center? Chiropractic medicine, unlike conventional medicine, isn’t about treating symptoms, but about treating people. Doctors of Chiropractic make use of a wide range of methods and equipment to treat a variety of problems. After all, chronic disorders such as back pain result in almost 80% of health care expenditures in the United States, and chronic disease can’t generally be fixed with drugs or surgery. Chiropractor helps patients look at their lifestyle and medical history as a whole so they can treat the root cause of chronic pain-and “treat” doesn’t mean “make it go away by taking a pill.”

Let’s examine why more and more people are turning to chiropractors to treat their back pain:

Chiropractic Care is Safe and All Natural

Compared to the dangers of surgery as described above, chiropractic is incredibly safe, with injuries to patients during spinal manipulation reported in fewer than one in three million adjustments. Doctors of chiropractic make use of all natural remedies instead of relying on prescription drugs, which lead to millions of hospitalizations annually. The safety of chiropractic explains why malpractice insurance is one of the lowest of any medical practitioner.

Chiropractic is Effective for Back Pain

The effectiveness of back chiropractic has been proven countless times. In fact, chiropractic is so effective that the Ontario Ministry of Health recommended that chiropractic should be the preferred treatment for lower back pain, with traditional medicine not even in the running. Chiropractic patients have reported being happier with chiropractic treatment than traditional medicine in startling numbers, citing the communicativeness of chiropractor, the low cost of treatment compared to traditional medicine, and most importantly, the effectiveness at reducing pain compared to drugs and surgery.

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Chiropractic Has Shown to Reduce Hospital Admissions and Healthcare Costs

Chiropractor in Tempe don’t just keep their patients safe when treating back pain; they actually reduce hospital admissions as a result of their treatment. According to the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, patients who saw a chiropractor as their primary care physician experienced 43% fewer hospitalizations and had more than 50% reduction of their pharmaceutical costs. Considering how many hospital visits result in iatrogenic disease, it’s not only better financially to avoid hospitalization, it’s a lot safer, too!

Chiropractic is the not answer to every health ailment. However, for musculoskeletal issues such as back and neck pain, headaches, and other related disorders, it is a safer and more effective treatment than drugs and surgery.

Just How Much Do The Rich Love Their Yachts

Just How Much Do The Rich Love Their Yachts

A cruise on a yacht over a beautiful water body can be an amazing experience for many. However, only the super-rich often get to experience this kind of luxurious lifestyle. After all, owning or using yacht rental Miami, Canary Islands or even Fiji destinations is not a cheap or inexpensive affair by any means. There are a large number of billionaires and millionaires around the world who own their own yachts. On the other hand, there are several rich people who opt for yacht rental options to ensure that they can enjoy the luxurious experience without having to spend the humongous expenses of purchasing or maintaining such boats.

So, what is the reason behind their love for yachts?

Imagine making a trip on a yacht with some of your very close friends, family or relatives. You plan a ride along a beautiful coast or venture out into the open sea for some adventure. You spend an entire day out on open waters and indulge in a number of water sports and activities. At the same time, you also have the options available for making great food using the kitchens and the other facilities of the boat. You may also visit an exotic beach restaurant for some good food and tasty delicacies if you feel like it. All you need to do is dock the boat and walk over to the restaurant.

Sounds great, does it not? Well, this is often the lifestyle of many rich people around the globe. The rich people who own yachts mostly turn out to be big business owners, celebrities, incredibly rich sportspersons and other such personalities. They lead very busy lives and are often embroiled in work for most of the time. They find very less time to go on vacations or travel the world on a holiday. Most of their travels are based on their businesses or work. Hence, a day on a yacht with friends and family can allow them to experience some great family time with loved ones.

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Moreover, yachts companies provide their users with a number of watersports that can be great fun and adventurous at the same time. These water sports and adventures may include riding a jet ski in open waters, deep sea diving, scuba diving, and many other such activities. People can also indulge in barbeques on their yachts while enjoying some good music with friends and family. There is also the option of fishing in open waters that offers great fishes on more occasions than not. These activities are great for spending a good time and offer immense relaxation from the tiring nature of their everyday lives.

Luxury yachts are great style statements as well

Owning or travelling on a luxury yacht is, by no means, a cheap affair. Hence, the super-rich people have a way of flaunting their wealth to the world and making a bold statement by travelling from one place to another on luxury yachts. Apart from the adventure of sailing to their destination, yachts also offer them the opportunity to do so in luxury as well as in style. Yachts tend to have a number of luxurious facilities that are not easily obtainable in other sailing vehicles. Moreover, turning up in a luxury yachts makes the surrounding people stop and take notice.

There are many rich people who may not have the luxury of buying a yacht, but still, have the desire of experiencing the luxurious benefits of such boats. These people often resort to yacht rental companies that offer such boats on rent. This allows such people to make similar style statements without having to spend money for the purchase of these boats. After all, yachts are similar luxury items that are great for living a lavish life, and can only be afforded by the super rich. Rental yachts often can be an inexpensive means of living the luxurious lifestyle.

However, these luxury boats are not entirely restricted to the super rich! There are many chartering companies that offer such boats on rent at incredibly inexpensive rates. The amenities in these boats may not be as luxurious as some of the luxury yachts owned by the many billionaires around the world, but it stills allows people to experience the adventure of sailing in such boats. Depending on the budget, one can find different kinds of yachts with the necessary facilities and features. All one needs to do is hop into one of these boats and sail away on an adventurous trip!

How to Raise Your Credit Score in the US

How to Raise Your Credit Score in the US

You are probably here because you’ve answered the question: “Why good credit matters?” In case you haven’t, then you must be new to the grown-up world. Before we address the matter at hand i.e. how to raise your credit score and improve your bad score, here are the reasons why it matters: first of all, it influences where you live and how much you pay for the mortgage, it affects what kind of car you drive and your payment, it definitely affects the ability to start your own business, and, of course, it affects your cost of living i.e. other monthly bills. These are the most important reasons for improving your bad score. We are going to take a look at 5 ways of improving your bad credit score:

1. Keep credit card balances low
2. Raise the credit card limit
3. Leave old debt on your report
4. Pay bills on time
5. Sweet talk out of a debt

So, let’s discuss in detail how to improve bad credit:

Watch your credit card balances and don’t overuse them

How much revolving credit do you have as opposed to how much you’re actually using? This proportion, i.e. percentage needs to be as low as possible. The most advantageous percentage is 30% or lower. There are several ways to go about this. You can approach the credit card balance issue by consolidating it with a personal loan. Especially if you have a few different credit card balances. You can also discuss multiple monthly payments with the credit card issuer. Someone might have told you that you can make minimum payments and pay off your credit card debt, but Forbes doesn’t recommend this as it will take decades to sort out your balances. Be smart. Not lazy.

Credit cards

Raise the credit card limit

When opting for this strategy, be sure that you are capable of it. If you increase your spending habits, then you haven’t achieved anything. How does it work? If your credit limit is $4,000 end up every month with a bill of around $3,600, you’re using 90% of your credit! Raising the limit reduces that percentage which in turn affects your credit score. And the benefits are numerous. It will be cheaper and easier to get loans and additional credit and you can make large purchases when dire situations demand it.

Leave old debt on your report

Leaving old debt on their credit report doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Why? A debt that you’ve handled well is a good debt and, therefore, good for your credit. The longer your history of good debt is, the better it is for your score. The report will show you as a credible person, a credible debter if you will. This is how you do it: leave old debt and good accounts on as long as possible. You will need to close other accounts that shed a bad light on your credit score.

Pay bills on time

Never pay bills late. This is good advice in general, not just one that is good for your credit score. If you’re looking for ways on how to improve credit score and improve work on your good habits, listen carefully. One of the most important factors in a good credit score are on-time payments. This will show in your credit report, again, deeming you as a credible candidate. If you plan on saving for the rainy days at the expense of your bills, don’t. Strategize. Weed out the late-bill-paying habits.

Close up young woman with calculator counting making notes

Sweet talk out of a debt

No, this doesn’t mean to hustle your creditor. It just means that if you attempt to erase a debt on the basis of good credit history, you might get lucky. Write an e-mail, or do it in person. Offering to pay the remaining balance and ask the creditor to mark the account as “paid as agreed”. Emphasize your previous good credit history and ask mistakes be removed from the report. It can happen. Nothing is set in stone. However, this means that you already have a good credit history, which means you followed all the tips above such as paying your bills on time. Something to keep in mind.

There you go. 5 tips on how to raise credit score. If you have big plans for the future, then it’s high time you started sorting out your credit score.